El presidente de la European University Association, en su última comunicación, ha dicho:

“In Germany through interest-free loans and in France through new grants. In the UK, the government has responded to a request by the universities for support through a package that, among other things, aims at ensuring enrolment of students for the next academic year – something vital to English universities that receive a large part of their income through tuition fees. However, the situation is patchy, and Europe is far from a common trend.”

Why this is important: Though there are good examples of dialogue between universities and governments in order to meet the challenges of the crisis, different countries seem to move at different speeds and in different directions. While this is partly natural due to the differences between systems and the varying evolution of the pandemic in different countries, it is nevertheless important to be aware of what happens elsewhere in order to share experiences and good practices for exiting the lockdown.”

Enlace a la EUA President’s Newsletter

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