• “Since their origins in 2003, there are now approximately 17 different global rankings. The overwhelming majority of rankings are developed by commercial, often media, companies with only approximately 7 per cent developed by a government organisation.”
  • “Rankings claim to compare universities using a range of indicators which are given weightings based upon the criteria of the rankings compiler, and each compiler chooses its own methodology. There is no internationally objective set of criteria and there is no intrinsic reason why indicators need to be either weighted or aggregated into a single score.”
  • In most cases, “when weightings are attached, rankings are essentially a measure of research and reputation.”
  • “In assessing the performance of the higher education system, is it not far better to use indicators which align with national social and economic objectives rather than adopting indicators chosen by commercial organisations for their own purposes?”
  • “None of us would accept a student’s homework based on the shoddy methodology employed by most ranking systems.”

Artículo de opinión de Ellen Hazelkorn en The Irish Times

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